Monetizing IP to Help You Profit from Innovation

As an Intellectual Property (IP) asset manager, Quest delivers financial, strategic and legal resources for IP monetization. We partner with inventors, businesses, corporations and law firms to fully realize the value of IP assets through our suite of value added services.

We specialize in both mature and emerging technologies, providing financial, strategic and legal resources for the monetization of intellectual property (IP):

  • - Customized engagement strategies
  • - License and royalty revenue generation
  • - New venture creation
  • - Active management
  • - Legal and financial resources
  • - Risk sharing
  • - Asset brokerage, and other services

To access a seasoned team of professionals from the fields of intellectual property, finance, risk management, marketing, transactions and accounting to leverage our talents to your benefit, across a full range of disciplines, contact Quest today.

Current Projects

Quest Licensing Corporation
Quest Licensing is the owner of all right, title and interest in US Patent No. 7,194,468 relating to the transmission of real time data to mobile devices over a mobile telecommunications network. Read more

Quest NetTech Corporation
Quest NetTech Corporation is the owner by assignment with all rights to license the patent portfolio of the late Dr. Henry Von Kohorn; relating to important contributions to the field of electronic marketing and promotions. Read more.

Wynn Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2001, Wynn Technologies, Inc., is the sole owner of U.S. Patent RE38,137 (“the ‘137 patent”) entitled “Programmable Multiple Company Credit Card System.” Read more

Quest Advisory Corporation
QAC assists a number of our technology partners in IP portfolio engagement strategy development, investor education, IP valuation and risk analysis.

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