Quest Licensing Corporation

Quest Licensing Corporation is part of our Licensing Management services offering. Whenever Quest partners in IP that must be licensed or is subject to royalty arrangements, Quest Licensing takes the lead. Quest Licensing is involved with a number of our technology partnerships, including those related to technologies associated with webpage generation, content display and mobile data delivery.

In December 2008, Worldink Information Technology Systems Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Worldlink Group, entered into an exclusive asset management agreement with Quest Licensing Corporation pursuant to which Quest has the exclusive rights to manage US Patent No. 7,194,468, “Apparatus and a Method for Supplying Information”, including the rights to license and/or sublicense and enforce such rights on behalf of Worldlink.

In October 2012, Quest secured all right title and interest in the '468 Patent as well as any continuation or divisional applications claiming priority to the '468 Patent.  The portfolio relates to the transmission to mobile devices (such as smartphones, laptops and tablets) of automatically updated, real time data over a mobile telecommunications network, where the user selects the information he or she wishes to receive.