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Quest Patent Research Corporation is a New York City based Intellectual Property Asset Management Firm. Quest is incorporated in Delaware (1986).  Quest trades on the OTC Markets.

Quest creates shareholder value through investment and management interests in intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, novel inventions and trade secrets. Through our business, shareholders have the opportunity to participate across a broad portfolio of dynamic assets in the burgeoning intellectual property space.

Quest provides IP asset owners and stakeholders – including inventors, law firms, estates, small businesses and corporations – with a valued resource for protection, management and monetization of IP assets.

Quest partners with owners and affiliates of compelling intellectual property, in both mature and emerging market technologies, to develop and execute a strategic program focused on realizing the full economic value of the IP. We offer a suite of value-added services to owners, IP attorneys, small businesses, and corporations to drive revenue from innovative, distressed, dormant or under-managed IP assets.


Invention, protection and commercialization of IP require a deep understanding of dynamic technologies, market fundamentals, competitive landscapes, and engagement strategies. Often IP asset owners/stakeholders lack the requisite resources, experience and/or capacity to access the latent value of their IP assets and opportunities. Quest works with asset owners to develop a cohesive monetization strategy focused on aligning the interests of, and driving returns to all stakeholders.

Financial and managerial structures are flexible, creative and unique to each opportunity. Our approach is based on proven methods for the evaluation, development and management of IP assets. Our value proposition rests in our ability to assemble the critical resources necessary to initiate or augment IP engagements through the provision of strategic planning, financing and active management. Our structures enhance overall economic value realized, align interests and transfer risk.

The Quest team brings a wealth of experience in strategic business management, intellectual property, finance and marketing. Our internal resources, in concert with our external network of financial, legal and managerial professionals, can develop creative solutions to the myriad of challenges involved in monetizing IP. Our structured diligence and deployment procedures mitigate risks, maximize returns and deliver value to IP owners and shareholders alike.

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