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Monetizing IP to Help You Profit from Innovation

As an Intellectual Property (IP) asset manager, Quest (OTCQB:QPRC) delivers financial, strategic and legal resources for IP monetization. We partner with inventors, businesses, corporations, and law firms to fully realize the value of IP assets through our suite of value-added services.


We specialize in both mature and emerging technologies, providing financial, strategic and legal resources for the monetization of intellectual property (IP):

Customized engagement strategies

License and royalty revenue generation

New venture creation

Active management

Legal and financial resources

Risk sharing

Asset brokerage, and other services

To access a seasoned team of professionals from the fields of intellectual property, finance, risk management, marketing, transactions, and accounting to leverage our talents to your benefit, across a full range of disciplines, contact Quest today.

Inventors +

Quest offers flexible structures incorporating some or all of our strategic, legal and financial resources for individual asset owners and stakeholders. We engage emerging and mature IP in all stages of commercialization. Services include:

  • IP valuation

  • Licensing/royalty stream management

  • Patent prosecution

  • Legal advisory

  • Partial or full liquidity

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For our corporate partners, Quest provides a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from portfolio maintenance to commercialization and licensing programs. Our participation can help monetize dormant IP, or identify licensees to create additional profit centers. Among services available for our corporate partners are:

  • Portfolio Evaluation

  • Portfolio Maintenance

  • Licensing royalty stream generation

  • Legal Advisory

  • Attorney/investor referral

  • Patent acquisition/liquidation

Law firm

Quest assists law firms develop additional revenue streams, share risk, and capitalize on attractive opportunities. Our flexible financing structures and referral arrangements can offer attractive alternatives for asset engagements beyond a specific risk appetite or outside core competencies. Services available to our legal partners include:

  • Flexible contingency fee arrangements

  • Case/client referral

  • Client generation

  • Due diligence

  • Local counsel referral




Quest Patent Research Corporation is a New York City-based Intellectual Property Asset Management Firm. Quest is incorporated in Delaware (1986).  Quest trades on the OTCQB Venture Market for entrepreneurial and development stage U.S. and international companies. To be eligible, companies must be current in their reporting and undergo an annual verification and management certification process. Companies must meet $0.01 bid test and may not be in bankruptcy.


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