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Mariner v TiVo - ORDER granting Motion to Stay All Deadlines and Notice of Settlement.

Before the Court is Plaintiff Mariner IC Inc.’s and Defendant TiVo Corporation’s Motion to Stay All Deadline and Notice of Settlement, wherein the Parties representant that they “have reached an agreement in principle to settle all matters in controversy” between them. Having considered the Motion, The Court is of the opinion that the Motion should be and hereby is GRANTED.

It is therefore ORDERED that all deadlines in the above-styled case as to Mariner and TiVo are hereby STAYED for 30 days from the date of this Order, during which time dismissal papers shall be tendered to the Court for entry, to facilitate settlement of this case as to Mariner and TiVo. This Order does not disturb any deadlines as to Mariner and Defendant AsusTek Computer Inc.

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