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Acquisition of Daedalus Blue Portfolio Completed

Quest subsidiary Taasera Licensing LLC (“TLL”) today announced the acquisition of a portfolio of network security patents from Daedalus Blue LLC (“DBL”). The portfolio consists of 22 United States patents and 2 foreign patents.

The original assignees include International Business Machines Corporation (“IBM”), Internet Security Systems, Inc. (“ISS”) and Fiberlink Communications Corporation (“Fiberlink”). ISS and Fiberlink were acquired by IBM in 2006 and 2013, respectively. In September 2019, IBM divested over 500 United States patent assets, as well as a number of foreign counterparts in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere, to Daedalus Group, and affiliate of DBL.

Pursuant to the acquisition agreement, DBL is entitled to a portion of the net proceeds from monetization of the TLL portfolio.

Quest CEO Jon Scahill commented, "the acquired Daedalus Blue assets complement the existing Taasera portfolio recently acquired using our $27m capital facility. With the ever-increasing importance of network security, we are excited by the strength of the enhanced Taasera Portfolio."

You can find a list of the Portfolio Assets comprising the Taasera Portfolio on our Taasera page.

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