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Quest subsidiary Tyche Licensing LLC today announced the completion of its acquisition of a number of US patents.

Acquired as part of the Company's portfolio purchase from Intellectual Ventures Assets 181 LLC and Intellectual Ventures Assets 174 LLC in January 2022, the Tyche Licensing LLC portfolio relates generally to symmetric inducting devices incorporated in integrated circuits and in particular to an integrated circuit having symmetric inducting device with a ground shield.

Quest CEO Jon Scahill commented, "the acquired Tyche Licensing assets are the latest deployment of our $27m capital facility. We continue to work hard to identify new assets to supplement our growing stable of IP assets under management."

You can find a list of the Portfolio Assets comprising the Tyche Licensing Portfolio on our Tyche page.

QPRC Launches Digital IP Advisors Focused on Emerging Digital IP Asset Class: Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency and Metaverse

Quest’s digital advisory service established in response to exponential growth of NFT and other digital assets, creating unprecedented demand for solutions to complex IP issues in nascent environment.

RYE, NY – 04/06/2022 – Quest Patent Research Corporation (OTCQB: QPRC) ("Quest" or "Company") an intellectual property asset management company, today announced the launch of Digital IP Advisors Inc. (“DIPA”), an intellectual property advisory service for innovators that create, acquire, use and trade in NFTs, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

An extension of Quest’s suite of value-add IP asset management services, DIPA offers a single solution to those transacting in and around cutting-edge digital assets such as NFTs. The intersection of smart contracts, blockchain and other new digital assets with established IP regimes has complex implications for creators, traders and investors. DIPA’s mission is to be a seasoned partner to whom stakeholders can turn to understand and navigate the dynamic landscape.

On the launch, Quest CEO Jon Scahill commented, “As the law adapts to IP in the digital age, operators in the Web3 and metaverse ecosystem are eager to understand the implications on ownership, licensure, infringement, enforcement and monetization. Stakeholders need a trusted and savvy advisor. With decades of experience, we are in a unique position to offer guidance on novel issues that creators and investors face managing their digital assets and associated IP rights in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

This news comes in the wake of a very busy 12 months for Quest, including securing a capital facility of up to $27.0 million in acquisition funds, acquiring multiple patent portfolios and launching several high-profile licensing campaigns.

For more information on Digital IP Advisors, visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @DIPA_inc.

About Digital IP Advisors and Quest:

Digital IP Advisors Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quest Patent Research Corporation, a New York City based Intellectual Property (“IP”) licensing and commercialization company. The Company acquires and manages IP rights from a variety of sources, including large and small corporations, universities and other IP owners. Quest specializes in both mature and emerging technologies, delivering a suite of value-add financial, strategic and legal resources to efficiently monetize IP throughout the full commercialization lifecycle. Quest trades on the OTCQB Venture Market for early stage and developing U.S. and international companies.

Learn more at and on Twitter @QPRC

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Investor Contact:

Jon Scahill Digital IP Advisors Inc. (888) 743-7577

Read the full Press Release here:

On March 25, 2022, QPRC affiliate LS Cloud Storage Technologies, LLC filed a Complaint for Patent Infringement against Cisco Systems Inc.

The Complaint was filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas and the Case Number is 6:22-cv-00319.

You can access a copy of the Complaint at the link below.

Link to Complaint.

Acquired in November 2021 via Quest's acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding equity interests of LS Cloud Storage Technologies LLC, the LS Cloud Portfolio consists of four issued United States patents which generally relate to data sharing using distributed cache.

Find out more on the LS Cloud page.